S H A R E:

End of earthquake appeal

From Emergency to Rebuilding


ADRA-UK likely raised £100,000 to support the Turkey and Syria earthquake crisis that occurred nearly five weeks ago.


Thanks to the generosity of our donors, and through the ADRA network, we have helped over 18,246 people with food and shelter.  In addition, in one tent camp over 200 families were also provided with dignity packs.


‘Our donors continue to support our work both in emergencies and through development,’ said Bert Smit, CEO.   ‘This crisis came suddenly and devasted the lives of millions, killing scores of thousands.  ADRA was on the ground in hours and due to your generosity was able to immediately respond.’


While the emergency funding assisted ADRA to quickly respond to this humanitarian crisis, it is now in the recovery stage where institutions, governments provide funding to rebuild the infrastructure of these countries.


We have now stopped our emergency funding appeal for this crisis.  Any further funds will go to our help when the next disaster strikes.  


Your financial support to ADRA will enable us to act promptly as was did in the recent crisis in Turkey, Syria and Ukraine.