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The coronavirus pandemic is an extraordinary crisis for the UK and the world.  ADRA never faced a challenge like this before and the extent of the threats to our staff, projects, and beneficiaries are still unknown.

We are working with our global staff and trusted partners in the UK to ensure that families can stay safe, get the help they need, and, as far as possible, be ready to rebuild their lives once this crisis passes. 

ADRA offices around the world are asking for help: needs range from cash and food assistance for the poor and the homeless, to mental health and psychosocial support, basic handwashing stations, and prevention and awareness messaging. 

The worldwide needs are overwhelming…and increasing. We cannot begin to meet even a fraction of them without YOU. Families right now are facing challenges such as disease, violence, hunger, lack of water, and other crises as COVID-19 continues to spread. 

We ask you kindly to make a donation now!

Your donation will help to make sure that those who are affected have the support they need during this catastrophe and the uncertain months to follow.

In the UK: we are currently supporting over 70 ADRA community hubs reaching out into their communities supporting the work of frontline workers, as well as addressing food security needs for the UK’s most vulnerable.

We will keep you updated as more and more hubs join our pandemic response. If you want to help, please donate now!