S H A R E:

Cyclone Freddy

Cyclone Freddy, a record-breaking storm, has killed more than 250 people and displaced tens of thousands in Malawi and Mozambique causing widespread devastation across Africa.

  • Mozambique– The Cyclone hit Mozambique displacing more than 200,000 people in Zambezia. ADRA Mozambique has activated their National Emergency plan and are responding with limited resources.
  • Malawi– The death toll has risen to at least 225 and nearly 18,000 people are displaced. Search and rescue efforts are ongoing despite the mudslides and flooding. ADRA Malawi is currently responding with a food security National Emergency plan with limited resources.


ADRA-UK will be responding through the ADRA International Emergency Response Team, providing financial assistance. We have already committed some financial resources to the response and are asking for donations right now.