Health is at the heart of so much of the world’s poverty and suffering. When communities don’t have enough food, when they depend on unsafe water sources, when they don’t have access to reliable health support, every life suffers.

Did you Know?

Our health can be affected by almost all aspects of our lives.

Here are just some of the ways that you’re helping to build healthier lives for those we serve: 

  • Improving access to safe water sources
  • Providing hygiene and sanitation solutions
  • Helping families access nourishing food
  • Supporting pregnant women and mothers with maternal and infant health and nutrition
  • Training community health workers and supplying transport solutions
  • Psychosocial support


5,976,315 lives

In 2021, your generosity impacted 5,976,315 lives and supported more than 140 projects around the world.



Take a Shot

The TAS project aims to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infections among 6,500 vulnerable women, men, and youth in the Greater Accra region by February 2023. The implemented activities focus on increasing access to the COVID-19 vaccines for people in the targeted communities. The project promotes measures that will increase COVID-19 vaccine uptake and improves knowledge on good practices that help to contain the virus.

Sri Lanka


The main outcome of the ACCEND project is to strengthen communities and public institutions towards an integrated mutually accountable service delivery system in the WASH and health sector. This will be achieved by the following intermediate outcomes: 1). Vulnerable rural and estate communities with increased access to WASH facilities, improved personal hygiene and sanitation practices, and community driven services managed in collaboration with strengthened public authorities; 2). Improved health and nutritional status within the estate and rural communities through increased access to proper healthcare, knowledge and practices.

Health Projects