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#Embracing Equity

ADRA-UK responds to International Women’s Day 2023

When girls are educated, their countries become stronger and more prosperous’ – Michelle Obama.

One of the challenges for some of the most vulnerable women and girls around the world is a lack of education.  Geopolitical agendas, misogyny, conflict, and displacement are just a few of the issues that cause lack of educational advancement. Reproductive health and poverty can impact how often a girl can access regular education. 

Educating girls and women benefits society.  ‘If all women completed secondary education there would be 49% fewer child deaths, 64% fewer earlier marriages and 59% fewer young (under-age) pregnancies’.[1]  Educated women have greater earning potential throughout their lifetime enabling not only a secure future for themselves but for future generations. 

One of the ways in which ADRA-UK embraces equity for girls is through its Girls Education South Sudan (GESS) 2 project.  GESS 2 is an inclusive programme that will transform a generation of girls’ education in the region, especially those on the margins of society. 

In Myanmar, ADRA-UK, one of the many outcomes of the Conflict Areas Support for Education 2 Learn (CASE2Learn) project is to develop relevant programmes to support out of school children and illiterate women. 

‘Women and girls are some of the most vulnerable people in most societies,’ said Bert Smit, CEO. ‘Here at ADRA-UK, we are privileged to be able to deliver at least two projects where education is the focus, in particular for girls and women’.   In addition to this, as a network in our response to emergencies, there is always emphasis placed on education of out of school children and in many of our projects, reducing poverty in a community also enables girls to receive better educational outcomes’.

On International Women’s Day 2023, ADRA-UK affirms its commitment to embrace equity by funding and supporting educational initiatives for the world’s most vulnerable women and girls. 

[1] Source: https://inschool.adra.org/petition/support-the-campaign/the-school-effect