S H A R E:

ADRA CEO Launches Knowledge Forum

Bert Smit, ADRA-UK, CEO launched the Wednesday Sandwich Series Hour (WSSH pronounced ‘WISH) with local Watford, MP, Dean Russell as his first guest on Wednesday 2 August. Discussions focused around Brexit, the role of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCDO), climate change, safeguarding as well as ADRA’s development projects.

Having worked in digital communications and business strategy before life as an MP, Dean Russell asked, ‘As a charity how do you continually maintain funding for your projects, especially after COVID?’ In his reply, Bert acknowledged the challenges of fundraising in a cost-of-living crisis after the pandemic and highlighted the diligent work of the newly appointed ADRA Ambassadors. As part of the visit, Dean Russell spoke to Jose Orozco, Programmes Officer, who give him a quick lesson on the difference between the project and the programmatic approach to international development.

WSSH is knowledge exchange and networking forum connecting ADRA-UK with industry professionals and civic, community and faith leaders and will be held as a lunch meeting the first Wednesday of every month.

‘It was a pleasure having Dean Russell, and his personal secretary, Imogen, visit our office. He had a clear interest in knowing more about ADRA, as a Watford-based charity working in development and relief overseas.