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Turkey/Syria Earthquake: ADRA Update 2

On Monday 20 February, two weeks after two devastating earthquakes killed thousands of people in Turkey and Syria, an aftershock of 6.3 magnitude struck Turkey’s southern Hatay’s province near the Syrian border. 

ADRA staff are on the ground and continue to work in these challenging conditions. 

Let’s give you an update:

  • Thanks to your generous donations, ADRA-UK has raised nearly £100,000 for the emergency.
  • Since the beginning of the emergency, ADRA has reached 14,400 individuals (8,900 in Aleppo and 5,500 in Latakia) by aiding with food, hygiene, protection and drinking water.

In addition to this, In Latakia, ADRA visited an institute which is being considered for use as a temporary shelter.  The building needs general plumbing maintenance (water taps, toilets, and showers as well as a water tank for clean water supply and electric cables for lighting and heating. 

In Aleppo, ADRA have identified three non-functional schools which could serve as mid-term collective shelter.  However, these schools need refurbishing – replacement doors, installation of aluminium windows, painting, electrical work, debris removal, provision and installation water tanks and rehabilitation of the water and sanitation and hygiene systems in the basements. 

Please continue to give generously to help us to help the people of Turkey and Syria.  You can donate here!

For further updates on the work that ADRA is doing on the ground in Turkey and Syria, please go to our social media.

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Please note that the online Turkey/Syria Appeal will close on 6 March 2023.  Any donations received after this date will help us prepare for other emergencies. Postal donations will still benefit the earthquake response if clearly marked.