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JOA Nepal

The Enhanced Rural AI (TERAI) project for Smallholder Dairy Farmers in Nepal

The project aims to strengthen the resilience and improve incomes of smallholder farmers in Rupendehi and Kapilvastu districts, through the development of improved dairy production systems and linkages to the value chain. The project aims to increase the average income of targeted SHFs by 30% compared to the baseline, through production and marketing of dairy products. This increase in income will enhance beneficiary livelihoods, increase their resilience, and allow for additional expenditure on education and increases in savings, enabling them to better cope with the economic shocks. By the end of the project, the aim is to increase the average number of hunger-free months among beneficiaries by 30%. The project is also targeting a rate of 60% of targeted households achieving a Minimum Dietary Diversity Score (MDDS).

End date: 01/08/2026