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Life On The Verge Of Catastrophe

Emergency Appeal for the Drought Crisis in the Horn of Africa

Millions of people across the Horn of Africa are facing the threat of famine due to the worst drought for 40 years.

Extreme weather has caused extreme hunger due to failed harvests, the death of livestock herds and water shortages. Livelihoods are devastated which has impacted household incomes and increased displacement of families. Climate change and the Covid-19 pandemic have exacerbated the situation. The war in Ukraine which has dramatically increased global food prices and has turned the crisis into a catastrophe.

Alarming Facts

Currently, there are:

• 19.2 million people affected by the drought in the Horn of Africa.
• 3.32 million children are at risk of dropping out of school.
• 18.6 million people are facing acute food insecurity across Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia.
• It is projected that 6.5 million children will suffer from acute malnutrition.
• 1.8 million experiencing severe wasting in Kenya, Somalia, and Ethiopia.
• 7 million livestock deaths.
• 22 million livestock at risk.

One of the areas of greatest concern are those at risk of famine in Somalia where the situation might quickly deteriorate if seasonal harvests fail, market prices continue to rise, and the humanitarian response is inadequate or too late for the rising needs.

ADRA-UK has already sent funds to this region to support the drought crisis in the Horn of Africa. However, ongoing funds are needed for URGENT food aid, school feeding, WASH (water and sanitation and hygiene), and livelihood activities.

By donating today, you can demonstrate justice, compassion, and love. With your gifts, we can help to stop widespread malnutrition and hunger for the world’s neediest people.