S H A R E:

Dairy Development in Zambia

The project intends to increase smallholder farmer resilience, to shocks and stresses both economic and climatic, increase their farm income from dairy enterprises, with additional support to the enabling environment allowing farmers to be linked to both input and off take markets, contributing to a sustainable dairy system, to continue beyond the life of the project.

The project will directly target a total of 8,250 individuals, who include 8,100 smallholder farmers, 50 AI technicians/paravets, and 100 private / government stakeholders in Chongwe, Chibombo and Choma Districts of Zambia. To enhance rural smallholder farmers’ (SHFs) resilience, incomes and support development of a sustainable dairy system, the project will increase smallholder farmers’ productivity through improved husbandry practices and extension service delivery, enhance knowledge and capacity in sustainable and climate-smart dairy practices and promote the development of an appropriate system for the delivery of sustained dairy genetic gains through improved last mile delivery.

End date: 31/10/2025