S H A R E:

ADRA-UK does ‘Tour of Britain’

During the month of October, the ADRA-UK team held three focus days around the BUC territory.  Starting in Scotland on 9 October, with 25 people present, the team then hosted a similar session in London on 16 October, ending the short tour in Birmingham on 23 October.

Invitees to these meetings were pastors and ADRA agents and the purpose of the meetings were for participants to gain a greater understanding of ADRA’s global humanitarian work and to gain feedback on improved methods to engage with donors in a post-pandemic, hybrid world.

Special guest speakers for these events were Gordon Saggers, and David Anthony.  Gordon is a retired senior employee of the Foreign & Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO, formerly DiFD).  David is the Chief, Strategic Planning and Convening for UNICEF, Innocenti in Florence.

‘During our meetings, we were privileged to have guest speakers with excellent subject knowledge about the role of faith-based organisations, such as ADRA in the field of humanitarian aid and development,’ said Pastor Bert Smit, CEO, ADRA-UK.  ‘The commitment and passion of the pastors and agents for ADRA’s work was evident throughout the three sessions.  The feedback of the attendee was invaluable and provides with us much-needed data to support our future work in 2023 and beyond’.