S H A R E:

Five years since the last ADRA Annual Appeal!

It has been five years since ADRA was able to run a fully-fledged Annual Appeal, in 2019. The pandemic has seriously affected our fundraising efforts and changed the nature of the appeal. While the door-to-door part of the Appeal has been discontinued, all other fundraising strategies and opportunities are still open to your church Community. Through your dedication and engagement, we are confident the Annual Appeal will regain its place in your church Spring calendar as a major fundraising event.

What the funds raised will allow us to do

Funds raised through your efforts will support vulnerable children to attend school in South Sudan and Myanmar; rural women to access hygiene and health in Sri Lanka, Ghana and Nepal; food insecure households to improve their income in Nepal and Zambia; and to advocate for marginalised groups in Thailand and Mauritania. Funds raised will also be directed towards new and ongoing emergency responses. We will also reserve up to 10% of funds raised for the support of high impact projects in the UK.

Set your own goals and create a timeline!

You are not alone. We are here to support you on this journey. Here is how:

Plan ahead. Why not set up a fundraising goal for your church that will encourage others to get involved?

An online Just Giving page will automatically help you monitor progress towards your goal.

Early March The kind of questions you should be asking yourself at this stage are: Do I have all the materials I need? Have I recruited enough volunteers? What are the best channels for me to promote the Appeal? What individual or collective activities would best fit our church Community?

Saturday, March 23rd is the launch date for the 2024 Annual Appeal. Please ensure the church programme includes an impactful ADRA promotion where the Annual Appeal video is shown, materials distributed, and members inspired into action

During the following weeks, take every opportunity to remind members of the upcoming fundraising activities (be it a concert, a fun run, a charity tea…) asking them to support by donating generously of their time and resources. Have a good mix of activities that will appeal to different ages (donate for my birthday, senior’s club…), different interests (knitting club, Badminton competition, cookery classes…), and will utilise the talent in your church (health expo, children’s concert,…) to bless the Community. Unleash your creativity

In need of fundraising ideas?

Please check our fundraising page for the full range of activities and ideas you can implement during the Annual Appeal. There you will also find sponsorship forms and certificates

Tying up any loose ends

Should you have any questions, please send an email or call us on 030 30 40 10 17 and leave a message. We are a small team but will endeavour to return your calls and messages swiftly.

If you require further posters, ImpactNEWs, envelopes or if you need a supply of coin boxes, please contact us detailing your request.

Please note that the dates from March 23rd to April 27th are merely indicative. You can extend your activities further into the year. And finally, bade your plans and activities in prayer. It is our prayer that through your donations, people may feel the healing and restoration that comes from Jesus, to alleviate suffering as we ‘serve humanity, so all may live as God intended’.

Thank you for being part of this ‘Call for Compassion’.