S H A R E:

Emergency Appeal - Gaza & Brazil

As it stands today, ADRA is actively responding to emergencies in 27 countries. Of these, there are two specifically that ADRA-UK want to call upon you, our supporters, to help us respond to: Gaza and Brazil.

Crisis in Gaza

This catastrophic humanitarian crisis that has seen, over 35,647 Palestinians killed and tens of thousands more injured. This number is expected to increase rapidly as airstrikes continue. Almost half of those that have been killed are children. The situation in Gaza is complex, but the human situation is simple: thousands of innocent people are suffering, starving, injured, and homeless. 

With your help ADRA-UK will contribute to these key initiatives:

  • Food Distribution: ADRA’s response includes the procurement, preparation, and distribution of more than 28,500 hot meals through community kitchens in North Gaza, ensuring that vulnerable individuals receive nourishment during these trying times.
  • Hygiene Support: ADRA will distribute hygiene kits to promote health and sanitation practices among affected communities, mitigating the risk of disease transmission.
  • Food Parcels: Over 7300 food parcels containing essential items such as tomato sauce, potatoes, carrots, cooking oil, and za’atar—an aromatic Middle Eastern blend of herbs, sesame seeds, and sumac spice—will be distributed to host communities through local cooperatives, providing sustenance and culinary diversity to those in need.

Floods in Brazil

ADRA has mobilized aid to respond to the devastating floods in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. The extreme weather, which began with torrential rains in April, affected about 2.3 million people, displacing hundreds of thousands. To date, 151 people have died in the disaster, while over 104 more are still missing. 

Your donation will help support this key initiative:

  • Laundry services: over 14,000 kilos of laundry were washed to ensure affected families had clean clothing.
  • Meal distribution: More than 8,600 cooked meals and 4,400 food baskets were distributed to ensure nourishment and sustainable food support to those in need.
  • Water Supply: over 4,000 litres of water delivered to address a critical need for clean drinking water.
  • Hygiene and Washing Kits: Over 6,100 hygiene and washing kits were supplied to encourage personal hygiene and sanitation practices among the impacted people.
  • Clothing and Shoes: Over 27,000 pieces of clothing and shoes were delivered to those who lost their belongings in the disaster.
  • Bed linen and Mattresses: More than 7400 bedsheets, blankets, and mattresses were supplied to displaced families.

The scale of suffering in these two emergencies is immense, and we need your help in enabling ADRA to act quickly, effectively, and with compassion in Gaza and Brazil. Click below to help ADRA continue its vital mission of justice, compassion, and love.