S H A R E:

ADRA Ambassadors

For nearly 110 years, the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the British Isles has collected from door to door to help with the plight of the poor of the world. In a changing world, the principle of asking people for money on the doorstep eroded. The pandemic has ended the viability of nationwide public collections altogether.

However, the challenges of helping a needy world continue – even more today than ever. With more people being displaced than at any other time in history, with more natural and human disasters striking the world, ADRA’s work is never-ending.

It is, however, imperative that churches have an awareness of the work of ADRA and the plight of millions living in poverty in the world. We should also give churches the opportunity to engage with ADRA in supporting our work. ADRA is, after all, the humanitarian arm of the church, working to serve those less fortunate than ourselves.

To help us tell our story better – and encourage our churches to support our work – we are moving to appoint ADRA ambassadors in local churches. Our hope is that most churches will have an ADRA ambassador who will act as our local representative to promote and support the humanitarian work of the church.

ADRA ambassadors will promote ADRA’s projects and campaigns, and distribute resources in their local church, school, or community. ADRA ambassadors will have access to a new microsite with resources and receive special updates.

The ADRA ambassador enables church members, department leaders, and pastors to have increased awareness and understanding of how their support of ADRA makes a positive difference in the lives of others around the world.

Although ADRA agents (ingathering agents) have been active for many years, we will move towards establishing this new ADRA ambassador role through a signing-up process with ADRA.

By changing the function, we are entering a new era based on communicating and sharing the mission of ADRA.