Will you help protect ADRA-UK from the impact of COVID-19?

24 Mar 2020

At this time of great concern for us all, I sincerely hope that you and your loved ones are in good health.

We have made some modifications to our working practices to ensure the health and wellbeing of our staff is at the forefront. Since last week we have moved to a Work from Home first strategy. We believe we can continue to serve our projects and work by video, email, telephone and messaging, continuing to stay in touch and conduct our business in all ways other than face-to-face.


We are aware that COVID-19 has had a big impact on the UK. Under our I AM Urban initiative, we are mobilising our community hubs in the UK to provide assistance and help for the neediest people right here. Currently, we are supporting homeless communities, key workers and schools that need to remain open to care for the children of key workers.


We are in constant contact with our project partner offices in Africa and Asia and are monitoring the COVID-19 impact on our ongoing projects. We must, however, also consider the financial implications of the virus and the potentially damaging impact on the work of ADRA-UK of which you are such a generous and passionate supporter.

Donations over the past weeks have already shown a steep decline, and all indications are that they will fall further. This decline, along with a slipping 2020 ADRA Appeal, has significantly affected our income to the extent that our long-term viability could very soon be compromised.

That’s why I would like to ask you if you would consider helping us through this incredibly difficult period by giving £25 today?


I am enormously proud of our role in helping people around the world and the incredibly positive impact ADRA-UK has had on the lives of so many. I am determined that come what may we must go on to enrich people’s lives long into the future, and I hope you are in a position to help ensure this is the case by giving a donation today. With my thanks and very best wishes.

Bert R Smit