Enjoy a good walk and raise money for ADRA!

Enjoy a good walk and raise money for ADRA!
Here is how it works:
Between 1 June and 31 August we encourage you, your family and friends to go out and enjoy great walks.
While you walk, raise at least £1 per mile walked. Our goal is to raise (at least) £50,000 which means walking (at least) 50,000 miles!
Our campaign will culminate in August with various extra ‘events’, including geocaching. These events will be ticketed (free) so we know who is participating.
So simply start walking. Let us know what you are doing and tell us how many miles you have walked and how many £££ you have raised.
We urgently need your support in raising funds for ADRA. Let’s do this together!


Download your own tracker – simply print and keep a record of your steps!

Why not order your very own WALK FOR ADRA T-shirt?

If you are simply walking and just ‘getting on with it’ why not send us an update on a regular basis. Walk your steps and donate using the button below!

Everyone gets a reward with #walkforADRA! Each of our participants will receive a digital badge (if you report your achievements) for all their miles walked. Nobody loses out!

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