Walk with us to Do Good!
Sunday 18 September


There is no doubt. Everyone will agree. Just do a web search on ‘the benefits of walking’ and you will see it confirmed: walking is good for you! If you would do another search for ‘needs in the world’ your spirit will drop. However, you can improve your health AND ‘do good’ at the same time.

This September 18 you can walk for your own ‘good’ and ‘’do good’ helping ADRA!

We have asked churches nationwide to dedicate Sunday September 18 and organise a fundraising walk for ADRA.

Do something that benefits your health and at the same time will do immense good in our projects. And if your prefer cycling for ADRA instead of walking we won’t tell – all we need is your help to raise funds for our work.



Anyone and everyone can get involved, from Families, to Pathfinders, to our oldest members. Make it a community event and get together.


Sunday 18th September at 2pm or…
…pick a time and date to suit your group.

Our ADRA Staff and Trustees will be arranging walks all over the country, you can read more information below. But you can walk ANYWHERE (as long as you’re allowed access), whether it be by the seaside, the forest, or around your neighbourhood.


We suggest organising a 1 hour / 5km walk. Set it up as a challenge!

Get sponsorships using the sponsorship forms available for download or setup a JustGiving page and make it a whole church group activity!

Make it fun!

  • Perhaps plan a picnic to end the walk.
  • Choose an ending location with an organised activity.
  • Find a trail that’s got a treasure hunt or activities for spotting things in nature.


Every donation helps us to do good!

Provides much needed books, uniforms and school supplies and secures a child’s future.

Construction of a toilet block and hygiene training to prevent disease.

Helps prepare for disasters so emergency food, access to water and shelter can be available immediately.