Urban Life comes in all shapes and sizes. From the artistic graffiti on the walls in Camden, with its eclectic market stalls, quirky shops and trendy coffee bars to the expanse of the Leicester colourful and bustling shopping parades and sprawling university campuses that dominate the city, ‘urban’ can morph itself in what appears to be opposing spaces.
Many of the successes of contemporary life in the United Kingdom are celebrated in urban spaces, our love of culture, arts and our monuments to the past all happen in cities and large towns. Our centres of influence hail centuries of commerce and financial leadership loom large in the UK’s capital.
But we also see the dark side of urban life through the increase of poverty, the rise in homelessness and the loss of jobs, especially on our high streets. Urban Life provides the ‘best of times…’ and ‘the worst of times’.
We highlight some of these issues through the conferences, seminars and events in addition to working with local community hubs at grassroots level.

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