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ADRA is changing lives around the world

ADRA-UK supports major community development projects in Asia and Africa. ADRA invests in the potential of communities in poverty in ways that ensure they have access to appropriate quality and quantity of food, opportunities for livelihoods to meet their family’s needs, primary health training and services as well as basic education opportunities to help them reach their full potential. Here are some of our recently completed projects:


ADRA provided through our local partner ADRA Tanzania support, training and empowerment to the Tanzania Albino Society (TAS). This benefited many albinos in the country.

Burkina Faso

This project was designed to counteract increasing desertification by improving water and soil conservation measures, in addition to soil fertility and reforestation.


ADRA helped exploited Burmese refugee and migrant women in Thailand, to receive fair wages, to access health services and enroll their children in schools. Supported by DfiD, ADRA empowered these vulnerable communities to know and access their rights.


This project helped to improve safe delivery and basic essential obstetric care facilities in 4 partner clinics and improve the quality of maternal health care services.


This project helped children with cognitive disabilities in two rural districts, Bayankhongor and Zavkhan, to be accepted in the community and supported by health and education systems. 


ADRA worked to reintegrate 4,000 former child combatants and conflict affected children and adolescents between the ages of 10-18 years in four districts in the Mid-Western Region of Nepal. The project improved literacy and job skills of the children and adolescents affected by armed conflict, especially vulnerable girls and adolescents.


The project enabled adult learners to read newspapers, medical prescriptions, labels on farm inputs, as well as interpret their children’s school reports and support their learning.


Through this project, ADRA helped to reduce the poverty of 12,600 people within fifteen villages of Pakokku Township in Myanmar over a three-year period.


The project strengthened livelihood strategies of the Somali people through promoting the use of alternative energy options to meet growing energy needs.