South Asia COVID response

As soon as the COVID-19 surge situation in India became critical the ADRA network responded. Here in the UK, we launched an appeal and raised over £28,000. This, pooled with other ADRA funds, raised over US$500,000 in total to help in India. ADRA partnered with the Adventist hospitals, the Adventist church, and other trusted partners in the country to respond. One of the most critical needs was oxygen. Hospitals were running dangerously low, and transport of the resource was difficult due to lockdown logistics.

Thanks to your support, ADRA provided an oxygen generation plant (OGP) to METAS Adventist Hospital in Surat. This OGP is in addition to providing other urgent resources to medical facilities in Hapur, Bangalore, Pune, and Nuzvid, including oxygen concentrators and personal protective equipment (PPE) kits, ventilators, monitors and support to local vaccination centres.

The massive COVID-19 surge in India has extended across the countrys borders into neighbouring countries Nepal and Sri Lanka. ADRA is responding in all three of these South Asian countries and many more as part of our global response to the pandemic.

Although COVID-19 is a global pandemic, just so ADRAs response is worldwide to meet the needs of people affected everywhere. Last year alone, ADRA was able to provide urgent help in 96 countries! As the effects of the pandemic evolve, our response is ever expanding to help support families, communities, and health facilities with their changing needs. This includes medical supplies and emergency food, as well as livelihood support and access to education for children who have been out of the classroom for too long.

What can you do?


Our Appeal has closed. You can donate to our Emergency Response fund here!