India Second Wave Covid Emergency Response

Recent news reports have bombarded us with distressing images of the effect of the second COVID wave to hit the country of India. On 2nd May, India recorded over 400,000 new cases and the caseload surged to 20.2 million on that day. Over 222,386 deaths have been recorded so far.


There is a critical shortage of medical oxygen in hospitals. With the increasing number of COVD-19 cases and deaths reported, there are millions of children living in poverty and hunger, left out of school for more than a year. With already having the largest population facing food security issues, prior to the pandemic, the situation is aggravated with the ongoing pandemic and the COVID-19 lockdown.


What is ADRA doing?


ADRA India is coordinating with ADRA International’s Task Force and with the local government and Adventist hospitals in the region. ADRA’s supporting offices, through the network, have started appeals to support India. ADRA-UK has sent £10,000 so far to support the network’s response to second wave.


For a comprehensive update on the situation and work that ADRA is doing in India, please see a recent interview with Weston Davis, CEO, ADRA India and Trisha Mahajan, Communication Manager, discussing the current situation in India and ADRA’s response (see link on the right)


What can you do?


You can donate to the India Second Wave Covid Emergency Response: