ECMA Thailand

As it has grown economically over the past few decades, Thailand has attracted an increased number of migrant workers from surrounding countries; mostly Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos. The migrants see Thailand as a country with high opportunity and a greater chance at a stable income. Thailand’s minimum wage is often much higher than that of their home countries, and so they migrate with hopes of a better life. 

Mae Sot in Tak Province, is a border industrial town in Thailand, where many workers from Myanmar are living in a dire working and living conditions. This is despite the fact that Thailand adopted several progressive labour laws offering protection and basic rights for the migrant workers, which implementation is severely lagging behind due to their complexity, lack of awareness and lack of enforcement mechanisms, leaving migrant workers in very unaffordable conditions and in breach of their basic rights.

ADRA, through the ECMA project, aimed to respond to this situation with various measures specified in the project, including by enhancing capacities of CBOs to raise awareness and offer legal and other support to migrant workers, coupled with supporting a range of networking and advocacy actions of CBOs as well as working alongside with the local authorities and factories to implement basic measures in the field of safety and health in the workspace.


Donor: EU

Start date: 01/01/2016

End date: 31/12/2018

Grant amount: €600,150

ADRA-UK match: €200,050

Total budget: €800,200

Partner: n.a.

Implementing office: ADRA Thailand