EC GWK – NGL ​Burkina Faso

The 9-year (2007-2016) EU-funded sustainable livelihoods and environmental protection programme in Burkina Faso, including the N’Guidgue Weoga Kuisse’ (Fight Against Desertification) and project N’Gurdam Leydi (Make the Earth Live) projects in the Seno and Bazega provinces of Burkina Faso, targeted areas, where subsistence agriculture, is the main livelihood option.

These areas are also continuously been affected by frequent droughts and continued deterioration of soil fertility resulting from harmfully farming and grazing practices, as well as adverse climatic changes. Other practices such as over-cultivation of the fields, uncontrolled extraction of gravel and sand collecting in clearings and on roads, continued bushfires and deforestation have reduced the productivity of the land.

Furthermore, lack of skills and knowledge in sustainable agriculture, supervision and financial support has left many households vulnerable and trapped in food insecurity.

Through this project ADRA successfully increased food security and livelihood security for over 50,000 agro-pastorlst households, whilst simultaneously improving communal and local authority capacity to better manage natural resources and reclaim dessertified land.


Donor: EU

Start date: 2007

End date: 2016

Grant amount: €1,600,000

ADRA-UK match: €400,000

Total budget: €2,000,000

Partner: n.a.

Implementing office: ADRA Burkina Faso