CSO-DPMAR Thailand

Building on the work that ADRA has done in support of vulnerable migrant workers in Thailand, through the previous ECMA project. The CSO-DPMAR project is working to increase social and economic equality of marginalised and vulnerable migrant workers in Mae Sot and Phob Pra districts through strengthening capacity of local CSOs to effectively advocate for improvement in labour rights, human rights and working conditions of migrant workers.

The project works in partnership with migrant led civil society organisations, government services and the private sector/businesses to improve working conditions and rights for 6,000 migrant workers employed in factories and agriculture sector.


Donor: EU

Start date: 01/01/2020

End date: 30/12/2022 

Grant amount: €750,000

ADRA-UK match: €80,000 

Partner match: €229,373

Total budget: €1,059,373

Partner: t.b.c.

Implementing office: ADRA Thailand