BAAT Ghana

Smallholder farmers in Ghana, as elsewhere, are widely considered to be the largest as well as the most vulnerable component of the rural sector. As such farming communities, in many parts of Ghana including the Bono and Ashanti region, struggle to achieve basic livelihood security.

The BAAT cashew development project aims to increase employment opportunities and income of 14,500 women men and youth in cashew growing areas in six districts across Bono, Bono East and Ashanti Regions in Ghana. By building farmers’ capacity in climate-smart cashew farming methods, improving their linkages to markets through electronic platforms, and equipping processing factories to improve production, BAAT will help expand the region’s cashew nut industry, generate greater economic opportunities and help contribute to reduction of poverty. The project will also train 500 cashew farmers to integrate honey production into cashew cultivation.

In addition to the target beneficiaries, 75,000 community members, cashew industry employees, transporters and the Department of Agriculture and Financial Institutions will benefit from increased productivity on existing cashew farms and improved market linkages.


Donor: EU

Start date: 10/01/2019 

End date: 3/12/2021 

Grant amount: €719,982 

ADRA-UK match: €80,000 

Total budget: €799,892

Partner: n.a.

Implementing office: ADRA Ghana