India COVID-19 Emergency Response

30 Apr 2021

Response to the second wave of COVID-19 in India.


As of October 18, 2021 all the major targeted activities have been completed including the delivery of 3000 PPE Kits, 1 HFNC machine, 4 Multipara Monitors, 3 Ventilators, 1 Oxygen Generation Plant, and 24 Oxygen Concentrators. In addition to this, the community vaccine promotion and education support has so far resulted in 1,790 people being vaccinated and, 52,734 people have been reached through community awareness programmes.

We are sure you have been hearing news of the devastating and deadly surge of COVID-19 cases across India.

The ADRA COVID-19 task force has released $250,000 to support an initial response in India, which will include:
Oxygen Generation Plant (OGP) donated to the METAS Adventist Hospital in Surat, Gujarat state. It’s the biggest Adventist hospital in India and is one of the leading hospitals in the city there. It’s a 300 bed multi-speciality hospital and now they’ve converted the whole hospital as a COVID-19 hospital, which has so far treated 10,000 COVID cases. They don’t have an OGP and rely on daily oxygen cylinder deliveries.
Provide PPE and medical equipment to two Adventist Hospitals in Pune and Bangalore – identified and requested by the SDA Health Secretary.
Support vaccine clinics in Delhi with staff and resources.

The needs are immense and we are calling on our donors for additional funds to support scaling up this initial response. The first gap to fill is providing a smaller second Oxygen Generation Plant (OGP) to Pune Adventist Hospital.

You can continue to support our Emergency Response by donating today.