Gift Aid

What is Gift Aid?

Gift aid is tax relief on money donated to UK charities. ADRA-UK can claim an extra 25 pence for every £1 you donate back from the Inland Revenue.

The Government treats donations to ADRA-UK as if the donor had already deducted basic rate tax from them. The charity can then reclaim this tax to increase the value of a donation.

How do I know if I’m a UK tax payer?

You are a UK tax payer if:

Tax is taken from your wages or salary before you receive your pay.

You have to fill in a self-assessment form each year

You have any taxable savings (in a Building Society, for instance), or a pension plan, or investment income.

If you have recently paid any capital gains tax, or expect to pay it in the near future. This could be on the sale of a property or some shares, for example.

If any of these apply to you, please complete and return your declaration so ADRA-UK can reclaim the tax on your donations. Please note: Inheritance tax does not count as UK income tax.

For more information or a gift aid donation form, please contact us:
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