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Stanborough Park, Watford, WD25 9JZ, England - Registered charity 1074937 (SCO37726, IOM1101)

General Downloads

ADRA Do Something Kit (PDF) 
ADRA International's ' Do Something Kit' equips families, churches and individuals to transform your desire to help the world into action!

Fundraising Sponsorship form (PDF)
Sponsorship form for fundraising activities for ADRA-UK.

Download the Fundraising Powerkit here for a lot of information and tips on how to raise funds!


Annual Reports

Each year ADRA-UK releases an Annual Report. The reports are available on the Charity Commissions website here.

Here are the last three reports:

Annual Report 2015 (PDF)

Annual Report 2016 (PDF)

Annual Report 2017 (PDF)

Annuel Report 2018 (PDF)

*To view the Annual Report, you need the free Adobe Reader available here.