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Youth Photo Competition

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To all youth out there in the BUC: why not join our photo competition to illustrate the work people are doing to support the 2017 Annual Appeal. Get some cool snaps or even selfies to demonstrate what people do to raise funds for ADRA-UK! Anthony Fuller and Serene Prince launched the campaign a few days ago!

Watch our clip here!

Here are the rules:

ADRA-UK Photography Competition Rules

Photographers between the ages of 15 and 25 are invited to enter the ADRA-UK Photographic Competition.

Judges are looking to award the best single images from across three categories: -

1)     ADRA Annual Appeal door-to-door fundraising

2)     ADRA Fundraising Activities

3)     Community Outreach Projects

In each category the judges will award three prizes and there will be a special additional prize for the winner. 

All submitted images must have been taken in 2017.

The competition is free to enter and open to all attendees of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the appropriate age group. 

By entering the competition, you agree and acknowledge that ADRA may use your pictures in their promotional materials. 

All personal information will used held in accordance with ADRA’s privacy policy.

To enter, email your pictures in high res quality to info@adra.org.uk.

Submissions need to be in by the 30th of April 2017. Prizes will be awarded in May.