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Ten months on.....

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Can you recall where you were on Saturday the 25th April 2015? 

If you worked for an international development and relief agency - such as ADRA UK the date would be of significance. Or, if you were living in Nepal, that catastrophic day would be engraved on your mind. On this date, the Gorkha earthquake hit the country of Nepal with a force triggering an avalanche on Mount Everest making it the deadliest day on the mountain in its history. The impact of such a disaster was astounding and ADRA UK was proud to work within the ADRA network to provide immediate supplies to affected communities.

ADRA was instrumental in providing support to the Kavrepalanchok District and was documented as the second agency to provide immediate support to the community.

In the days following the earthquake ADRA distributed:
900 tarpaulins,

150 emergency tarpaulins,

10 medical tents

and setup 10 health posts.

Ten months later, Milimo Ninvalle ADRA-UK’s Programmes Officer travelled back to the district and met with over 100 women from the Dhulikhel Muncipality to assess ADRA’s relevance, timeliness and durability of the shelter items distributed. 

The team was overwhelmed with the gratitude and positivity from the community. The villagers were very appreciative and shared their gratitude with Milimo.  “The women were so grateful for the immediate help that their families had received from ADRA following the earthquake. We asked them how else could ADRA have helped them in their recovery? They told us nothing else because they wanted to focus on the positive ADRA had done in their community; as it made such a difference”. Over 60% of homes in the Kavrepalanchok District had been destroyed due to the earthquake and so each tarpaulin provided a makeshift home for at least 5/6 households, which are still, being utilised now, whilst they rebuild their homes. ADRA has also setup a water and sanitation (WASH) project as requested by the District Officials.

When probed further to tell us how else ADRA can support them in their rehabilitation, the women told us "we just want to improve our skills so we increase our income for our families in order to rebuild our lives."

Now, more than ever is their desire to receive training to develop their skills and aid their families to recover and rebuild from the disaster. Working in partnership with ADRA Nepal, ADRA-UK works to support incredibly resilient communities in Nepal.But we recognise, we simply could NOT do the work that we do without your support.. From everyone here at ADRA-UK we would like to say thank you!


With your help, we continue to make a difference and give a helping hand to those who have lost hope.
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Thank you for helping us to help!