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Shaken and stirred... but still standing!

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As another earthquake devastated Nepal for the second time in two weeks, ADRA-UK took an even keener interest in the events as one of their staff members, Milimo Ninvalle (ADRA-UK Programmes Officer), was on the ground providing emergency project support.  She, along with her colleague from the ADRA Network, experienced the second catastrophic earthquake first hand. Milimo reports:

“I was attending an Education cluster meeting with my ADRA-Nepal colleague Ambika yesterday afternoon when the building we were in began to shake.

At first I thought it was just another aftershock, as we have been experiencing these quite regularly since I arrived, but as the shaking continued it became much stronger and I suddenly realized that this was much more serious than I had imagined. As the building’s shaking intensified, someone shouted ‘It’s an earthquake!’ and everybody started running out the main door; we couldn’t get out as there was literally a stampede of over 100 people trying to get out the room.

Ambika grabbed my hand and instructed me to stay down. It was a mad scramble for cover underneath a table or chair…so we knelt on the floor on our hands and knees. After a few moments, when it had begun to calm, Ambika pulled me to my feet and we ran out the building all the while with the floor, and entire building visibly shaking. Ambika dragged me down a long corridor and we ran and ran until eventually we were outside. Grateful to be out of the building, we collapsed onto the grass but the ground was still moving and we kept repeating to ourselves ‘do you feel that, can you feel that’ as we couldn’t determine if it was the ground that was trembling or if we were trembling from the adrenaline racing through our bodies.”

The physical and psychological effects of the earthquake will continue to impact the Nepalese community of Kathmandu for years to come, and so now more than ever the country of Nepal needs your help to rebuild and rehabilitate their country not just now, but in the weeks, months and years to come.

We thank those who have already donated to the Nepal earthquake, ADRA’s ERT (Emergency Response Team) could not help in the way it has already without your support. If you haven't yet had the opportunity to, we ask you to consider giving what you can today following yesterday’s earthquake. One of ADRA’s target districts Sindupalchawk was badly affected in the second earthquake and additional resources are needed to access and support the communities now left isolated by landslides.

Help ADRA-UK to help those in Nepal today, tomorrow and for the foreseeable future on their long road back to recovery.

Donate now http://is.gd/k14HEh or text ADRA00 £10 to 70070 to donate £10 to ADRA and make a difference today.