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UK charities have been in the media in recent weeks over what is termed 'fundraising harassment'. Donor database information from some charities has been sold-on – sometimes as many as 200 times and, according to a report this week, occasionally to fraudsters.

William Shawcross, the Charity Commission chairman, told the Times newspaper, "The plethora of stories of people being deluged by mailings and harassed by endless telephone calls on behalf of charities are intolerable."  People are 'cold-called' and pressured to make donations. Commercial companies make such calls on behalf of charities and are paid commission to raise funds.

Is there a safe way to give to charity knowing that my donation and details are secure – and that my details are not going to be sold on? ADRA-UK is the development and relief charity operated by the Seventh-day Adventist church in the UK.  CEO, Bert Smit, emphasises that their fund raising is ethical – partly because of its faith base.

"There are many different ways to engage in fundraising and here at ADRA-UK we have decided to do so in an ethical way", Smit stated.  "Firstly, our fundraisers are unpaid volunteers who carry out all door-to-door collections. Secondly, we have consciously decided to abstain from telemarketing regarding donations at any time. Finally, our donor database is our best kept secret, and we will never share this data with anyone else."

ADRA does strongly rely on donations and is grateful for the many thousands of people who donate or fund raise in a variety of ways.  They will accept kind donations online or if you call them you can even donate by telephone but, continued Smit, "Donations need to come from the heart and ultimately exemplify Christ's command to help our neighbour."

For more information on the world of ADRA contact them directly on 01923 681723 or via their website: www.adra.org.uk.

[Victor Hulbert]