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Ready, Steady, Jump!

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This year ADRA-UK is proud to offer this parachute jump fundraiser in partnership with a great company - 'Skyline Parachuting’. 
Signing up to this particular fundraiser has never been easier:
1. Visit their website: http://www.skylineparachuting.co.uk/charity-parachuting.aspx
2. Select 'FULL LIST’ to display all charities, then select ADRA-UK as the recipient charity from the drop down box, and then select GO.
3. Complete the online booking form, after which you will then be asked to pay a £70 deposit. 
4. Select the airfield and date to do your jump and set up your JustGiving page to start fundraising.
4. You will then receive the terms and conditions by post, please sign and return these to Skyline Parachuting 
5. Get Fundraising!! 
The minimum amount required to fundraise varies dependent on airfield and jump selected, however in order to jump for free we recommend raising around £395, once this is raised the cost of the parachute jump is taken from the fund-raising amount raised with the remainder sent over to ADRA-UK. 
We think this is a great opportunity to do something fun, fearless and fundraising for ADRA-UK all at the same time, and we are excited to offer this until September 31st 2016!
So, if you're interested in taking part in this brand new initiative - contact voluneering@adra.org.uk today!