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Raise funds through music!

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Mature, amateur born-again Adventist composer/songwriter seeks young, like-minded born-again Adventists age 18 – 25, who can read and write music at all grades i.e. from grade 1 to 8 to form 2 new and separate Christian groups.

1. STRINGS OF PRAISE – Excellent female soprano singer, conductor & string quartet

    comprising of 1 violinist, violist, cellist & double bassist each

2. TAKE 8 – Excellent a cappella octet made up of 2 sopranos, alto, tenor & bass singers

    each & a conductor.  

Primary aim of the two groups will be to raise funds for ADRA via annual FREE concerts leading to, & during the ADRA Annual Appeal at various South London SDA churches to begin with.         

Ideally, each member of both groups should live in S.E. London where it is anticipated rehearsals will be held in at least 1 SDA church, for quick and easy access to rehearsals when they begin, as punctuality will be key.

Each member of both groups should kindly ask their respective church leaders for permission to use a room in their church for same time & day 1 or 2 day a week rehearsals.  

Each member of the string quartet, STRINGS OF PRAISE must own his or her own musical instrument & bring it to rehearsals always. It is appreciated that it may be difficult for the double bassist to bring a full-size double bass to rehearsals but this is what is truly needed. 

Compositions STRINGS OF PRAISE will be rehearsing & ministering are contemporary classical music ones for The Lord’s Prayer 1 & 2, Psalms 23, 117, 121, 125 & their instrumental versions etc.

Compositions TAKE 8 will be rehearsing & ministering are modern ones for a rendition of hymn 327, I’d Rather Have Jesus, in the Seventh Day Adventist hymnal etc. 

Those of you who have their own compositions will be very welcome to present them for the possibility of rehearsing & ministering them to raise money for ADRA.   

Contact Details

Name: Tim Segun Aigoro

Email: segunaigoro@gmail.com 

Mobile: 07954 706 563

This is my first blog post.