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Overland Rider

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An Overland Adventure!

Last September, Jonathan Blackburn set off on the start of a big adventure; one which would allow him to see the world from a completely new angle, and raise money for ADRA-UK at the same time.

Jonathan decided to journey from Cornwall in the UK to Cape Town, in South Africa all the while riding on a KTM 690 motorbike! Jonathan has undertaken this adventure to fundraise money for an orphanage in Zimbabwe to replace a collapsed water borehole

Travelling through France, Spain, Morocco, The Gambia and Sierra Leone to name just a few countries he has journeyed through, he is now currently riding through the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and so far has travelled 32,000 Km!

With just over half of the funds needed raised, follow him as he continues his journey and help him to reach his fundraising target.

Donate today and help him achieve his goal, at: https://www.justgiving.com/overlandride/

To read more of his inspiring story and keep up to date with his travels visit his website at http://www.overlandride.com/