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I see you on TV, a little girl that is the same age as me,

I wish you could climb that steep hill, and we could meet and I would help you.


You carry dirty water to drink on your back,

If I’m thirsty, I just turn on the tap.

You have to run or walk to school,

I just go in the car from sweet home – that’s my way.


I complain in the traffic that the car moves too slow.

When you are in the burning sun, back bent low.

The food you eat is barely anything,

I eat too much and don’t finish everything.


You don’t have time to dream,

You have to think about now,

My head’s full of happy dreams,

Being famous, making machines.


I see you walk away – what will your future be?  It’s not only up to you – it could be up to me.

You see, I could turn and forget about you, or I could make your dreams come true.


Through ADRA we could show you that we care,

And God is really everywhere.  


Help ADRA to help, changing lives.


Leah Racquel Maxine Campbell  (Age 9)