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Masanga needs YOUR help!

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The Ebola virus is threatening lives in West Africa; Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone in particular have been hit very hard.


Masanga Leprosy Hospital in Sierra Leone needs our help. This hospital has a long history with the Seventh-day Adventist church, but today it is broken and desperately needs our help.


For almost 30 years the Seventh-day Adventist church operated Masanga Leprosy Hospital in Sierra Leone. After a long and bloody civil war a group of expatriate Sierra Leonians decided to see if they could reopen the hospital. Sierra Leone Adventist Abroad (SLAA) is a UK charity that has worked together since 2006 with a Danish NGO, to operate the hospital until 2021.


As well as providing general hospital care, Masanga Leprosy Hospital also has a nursing training school alongside a postgraduate surgical training program for medical doctors and community health officers for all of Sierra Leone. When we think of a hospital we think of excellent facilities that enable outstanding care. Although in the past Masanga Leprosy Hospital had running water from a nearby well, the old infrastructure has now crumbled and disintegrated. Water is now pumped at a well, before being carried to the hospital in open buckets that are placed next to the wards.


Imagine how difficult it is to: fight infectious diseases without running water or a reliable supply of electricity? How can you keep patients safe with a broken fence? (?)


With the current Ebola crisis impacting the entire country the hospital has been forced to close its clinical operation and evacuate the expat staff predominantly because of the lack of access to water, reliable electricity and insecurity of the campus.


Sadly the hospital has already experienced loss as a surgical trainee doctor working as an intern in another hospital has died from Ebola and a second doctor is now under supervision.


We decided we want to help!


With your help we will install a new water pump and piping to bring running water to the wards.


We will expand the solar power system to ensure that it will provide supportive care to patients via oxygen saturation machines as well as maintenance of the fridges containing vaccines etc.


We will fence various buildings and wards to protect the hospital and also increase the monitoring of new patients coming to Masanga Hospital.

With your help we can keep Ebola out!!


 Ebola is a killer disease. But, we can fight it with the right tools.

Masanga Leprosy Hospital can fight it right now with YOUR help!


Please donate to our special appeal here: http://is.gd/Q4KqHA or follow the link from our website at https://www.adra.org.uk