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On the ground in Nepal...Milimo Ninvalle

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Milimo Ninvalle (ADRA-UK Programmes Officer) is on the ground in Nepal, she is providing project support for a period of 3 weeks, she reports:

"I am part of the Emergency Response Planning Team and its our role to plan a strategic emergency response for Nepal and mobilise resources. This means we identify funding from donors worldwide and plan which sector (e.g, shelter, health) ADRA will respond to. Since the emergency response, we have identified funding for the initial response (0-3 months) and early recovery response (3-6 months). Although the disaster only affected 39 Districts out of 75 Districts, the earthquake has shaken up the entire country. People are fearful as the country experiences 2-3 aftershocks a day, some mild and some more severe. ADRA's Emergency Response Team have been resilient and I am proud to be apart of it! We have worked 16 hour days for up to 10 consecutive days and the team just keep on going. No experience or news report can fully prepare you for a disaster because every disaster is different and the people you help are different each time. 
Food distribution is still a challenge and some of the Districts are inaccessible due to land slides. Looting is taking place against transportation trucks in the rural districts because people are desperate. ADRA has not experienced any security challenges yet, but many of our aid colleagues have faced challenges; and so we continue to remain on alert.
Nepal has a long road to recovery ahead. It's sad to know a lot of the investment put into developing the country has been wiped out in this disaster. Nevertheless, ADRA UK has had a good working relationship with ADRA Nepal for many years and although many communities will need to start from scratch the Nepalese are resilient! Everyday I wake up to work with the Nepalese people and I am just amazed by them! They are such kind hearted people, always smiling and I just don't get it. Some of the staff at ADRA Nepal have lost their homes but they come to work everyday to work for others. It's hard to put into words but the best I can say is 'there is just something special about the Nepalese".