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Gift Box Competition

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The ADRA-UK office has been a hive of activity for the past  weeks due to the annual Gift Box appeal. However this year’s Gift Box Appeal was slightly different as we introduced a Gift Box Competition. 

The rules of the competition were simple, to enter people were asked to send in their best Gift Box picture, illustrating what the Appeal meant to them personally, as well as a way to showcase the care and attention people lavish on their boxes. 

We received a good number of creative submissions (over Instagram, Facebook and email) from children and adults alike and we look forward to shipping our boxes to Togo next week.

A very BIG thank you to all who sent in photographs and participated in our first competition. Our CEO Bert Smit selected 3 images that best captured the heart and purpose of the Gift Box Appeal, and so we would like to say a big congratulations to….

North Bristol’s fortress of boxes, Natalie Davison’s two boys playing and packing gifts and Kerie Manuel’s artistically displayed box. All the winners will receive an ADRA goody bag and their images will be used in our promotional materials for next year.

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