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Ebola Treatment Centre update...

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'I have been in Sierra Leone since November with the British Medical Team stationed at Ebola Treatment Centre (ETC) in Port Loko. I have had much interaction with the public and I can confirm that ebola is real and is causing devastating effect to the community. In addition to the effect of death, survivors face discrimination from their community. Properties are being burnt for fear of cross contamination and so survivors are faced with difficulty when their life saving/properties are destroyed. At our ETC, children are being disowned by family members because of the stigma. It will take Sierra Leone sometime to standup and over come biowarfare. 
Assistance is needed and can be provided safely in the community if good training is provided for staff. Before the British Team flew to Sierra Leone, we had extensive training from the British Military about biohazard  and I think that this training can be replicated for civilians working in the community.
If replacement is found for me I will be returning to England end of December but I might stay until February 2015. I have been training national staff as well as treating patients.' 

Edward Vandi.
15th December 2014