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ADRA Responds in Haiti

ADRA responds in Haiti in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew
Hurricane Matthew has destroyed parts of the Caribbean, leaving the island of Haiti severly affected. Early estimates report that over 800 people have died with close to… https://adra.org.uk/blog/adra-responds-haiti/

The Andean Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of Volunteers!

On the 31st of July, 18 volunteers and 2 members of staff journeyed to Peru to build Eco-stoves for a rural community in the Andes.
On the 31st of July the largest group of ADRA volunteers (so far) travelled to the beautiful country of Peru. The Republic of Peru located in Western South America, is home to a… https://adra.org.uk/blog/andean-hills-are-alive-sound-volunteers/

Greece - the crisis is not over

Migrant crisis blog entry
It is now estimated that there are over 44,000 refugees  in Northern Greece; in essence the Migrant Crisis is not over. ADRA is on the ground presently working across three… https://adra.org.uk/blog/greece-crisis-not-over/

European Refugee Crisis: ADRA expands response as refugee influx continues

Update on the refugee crisis
The refugee crisis in Europe shows no signs of abating. Already this year, more than 131,000 people made the journey across the Mediterranean, with almost 123,000 refugees landing… https://adra.org.uk/blog/european-refugee-crisis-adra-expands-response-refugee-influx-continues/

ADRA Connections – To the Mountain Top

Our very first ADRA Connections trip to Nepal
ADRA Connections – To the Mountain Top Last week saw the culmination of ADRA-UK’s first Connections trip, in which 20 volunteers flew to Nepal to refurbish a library in a local… https://adra.org.uk/blog/adra-connections-mountain-top/

ADRA-UK & the refugee crisis facing Europe

Update on ADRA-UK's position and the refugee crisis in Europe.
ADRA-UK donates £10k to assist in the refugee crisis The migration of refugees arriving in Europe is a very complex issue that politicians across Europe are struggling with… https://adra.org.uk/blog/adra-uk-refugee-crisis-facing-europe/

Enhancing Lives in Nepal

Many of you are aware of the devastating earthquake that struck Nepal on the 25th of May 2015 that resulted in more than 5,000 deaths with approximately 10,200 people injured.… https://adra.org.uk/blog/enhancing-lives-nepal/

Challenged, a little lost and forgotten

Bert Smit, provides his blog entry from Chad and Ethiopia.
Challenged, a little lost and forgotten   In the dry sub-Saharan desert of Chad ADRA is supporting a UNICEF project providing sustainable access to clean drinking water… https://adra.org.uk/blog/challenged-little-lost-and-forgotten/

On the ground in Nepal...Milimo Ninvalle

Milimo Ninvalle (ADRA-UK Programmes Officer) is on the ground in Nepal, she is providing project support for a period of 3 weeks, she reports: "I am part of the Emergency… https://adra.org.uk/blog/ground-nepalmilimo-ninvalle/

Annual Appeal 2015 project: Cameroon

Making a difference in Cameroon
Pascal is retired and lives in Oveng village, read his story below: “Our water well is probably over 100 years old. It is an open water source and not covered. It is quite a… https://adra.org.uk/blog/annual-appeal-2015-project-cameroon/

Annual Appeal 2015 project: Laos

Making a difference in Laos
Syha is a 42 year old married woman and mother of 4 children; her neighbour Racha is a 44 year old married woman and mother of 6. They are both from the Khmu tribe and live in… https://adra.org.uk/blog/annual-appeal-2015-project-laos/