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Annual Appeal 2015 project: Cameroon

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Pascal is retired and lives in Oveng village, read his story below:

“Our water well is probably over 100 years old. It is an open water source and not covered. It is quite a strenuous walk to get to the well and take the water home. Yes, we can drink the water and it quenches our thirst but it also make us sick. The water is full of diseases that give us bacteria, stomach aches and more!

Christian is the chief of Oveng village in the Nkolmetet district. He too is worried about the water sources in the village. He says: “My biggest concern is that the children of our small school do not have access to water. The old well has run dry and is neglected. The children walk distance of more than 500 meters on the road to get water from the nearby river, with and risk accidents.”

Emmanuel is the principal at a school in Meyomessi. Children who attend his school have to walk far, almost 2km, to find portable water. Emmanuel says: ‘Even the water they find is of questionable quality and often makes the children in my school sick. Please ADRA help us to get a water point at the school and provide proper latrines to help with sanitation!”

Charlotte also lives in Meyomessi and confirms: “Our village has one water well, but it is unfit for human consumption. The water looks clean and clear to drink but it really gets us into health trouble all the time

Dr Legrand Oko is the director of the local hospital in Meyomessi. He says: “We have between 90 and 150 patients coming to the hospital every month. Over 80% of the health problems we see are from diseases linked to sanitation and to the quality of consumed water. The first illness is the malaria that develops in the places where there is a bad sanitation, i.e. the pools of water and bad weeding. We also note the waterborne viral diseases, i.e. typhoid fever, viral diarrhoea, amoebic dysenteries and gastro-enteritis. We have real waterborne problems in our district. Most of the patients are suffering from diseases linked to the consumption of an unfit water.”

With YOUR help in this year's Annual Appeal, ADRA-UK will help control the risks of water-borne diseases by providing access to clean drinking water, sanitation and personal hygiene training, benefitting over 32,000 people in 10 villages in Cameroon.

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