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The Andean Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of Volunteers!

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On the 31st of July the largest group of ADRA volunteers (so far) travelled to the beautiful country of Peru. The Republic of Peru located in Western South America, is home to a large section of the Amazon jungle as well as Machu Picchu. The volunteers caught three flights and travelled just over 21 hours to arrive in the coastal city of Cusco, to build ecological stoves in the village community of Jaukat. 

Over the course of the next 14 days, the Peruvian hills were alive with the sound of ADRA Volunteers as they journeyed to and fro Camp Chicquichana (their accomodation) and the village of Yaucat steadily working in teams of 4 to complete the eco stove project. Throughout the week it emerged that the volunteers had more than just the four members in their team assisting them in their tasks. At each house family members eagerly rushed to help and assist wherever they could – fetching water, providing extra spades, offering refreshments and even dancing with team members, communicating in either “Quechua” (the indigenous language) or in Spanish. By the end of the trip the volunteers were conversing with the Peruvian labourers with shouts of “mas agua”  (more water) and “mas mezclar” (more mixture) heard regularly throughout the day. With an estimated schedule to finish by Day 12, due to the teams hard work and enthusiasm all 20 stoves were completed and given the seal of approval by Day 10 – two days ahead of schedule!

A few days later, to officially thank ADRA Peru and all of the volunteers who built the Eco –Stoves the villagers travelled to Camp Chicquaiana for an evening of speeches and thanks in the auditorium with a family representative present to thank the volunteers in word and song with the group blessed with a special song by Nani a young boy – who had become firm friends with some members of the group! The villagers then gifted each volunteer in turn with a traditional Peruvian hat as a final thank you and goodbye before the evening closed with prayer by ADRA-UK CEO Mr Pulsiano. 

Before we knew it, it was time to head back to the airport and the trip ended with one final 'social', before packing for the next day's trip back to Cusco city where the Volunteers journeyed to Macchu Piccu before travelling back home. Each ADRA Connections trip brings about new memories for the volunteers and some simply can't be captured by mere words or pictures! If you'd like to create long lasting memories whilst also taking part in a development project  in different country contact us! 

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