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ADRA-UK & the refugee crisis facing Europe

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ADRA-UK donates £10k to assist in the refugee crisis

The migration of refugees arriving in Europe is a very complex issue that politicians across Europe are struggling with too. The ADRA network currently has a small project in Serbia (information centre for passing migrants) but beyond that we do not have the capacity or the financial ability to do more at the moment. For all of our projects we heavily depend on what finances we can receive from either DFID or the European Commission and for the time being none are available to us.

We would suggest that the arriving refugees are less of a problem as most West European countries are, beyond logistical challenges, well capable of providing for the newcomers. Here in the UK the government will use some of the development budgets to take care of the refugees over the next couple of years. 

However, the millions of Syrians left in the refugee camps in Turkey and Lebanon face more hardship: with food rations cut by the UN because not enough money has come in from its government support means more and more people are facing famine and thirst there rather than in Europe. 

Some of our European partner offices on the continent are responding to the migrant crisis. We have made £10,000 available from our emergency fund to immediately help. ADRA-UK is now accepting cash donations on our website to help ADRA partner offices on the continent to reach out to the refugees migrating across Europe. Your money will be transferred to purchase aid goods or provide services to help migrants. Please donate on www.adra.org.uk” 

We are continuing to watch developments and will act if and when possible and work with ADRA offices in Europe and the Middle East to support practical action to help those fleeing conflict and address longer term issues. 

Our website should provide the most up-to-date information at any time.