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ADRA-UK Commits Funds to East African Crisis

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ADRA-UK Commits Funds to East African Crisis

The board and trustees of ADRA-UK have this morning voted that 20% of funds received through door-to-door fundraising from this year’s Annual Appeal will be immediately used to alleviate hunger in Africa. This is in addition to the 20% that has already been committed to be used for projects in the United Kingdom. 

The UK media are currently focusing on the conflict induced famine that is threating more than 20 million people in East Africa.  According to the UNICEF, 1.4 million could starve to death this year.
The El Niño-driven crisis has increased the malnutrition rates of rural children, and driven up food prices for urban residents. Livestock deaths and fire sales have slashed the asset wealth of pastoralists, and cumulative bad harvests will make recovery all the harder for small-scale farmers. In the worst cases, where conflict has made farming impossible and reduced humanitarian access, there will be famine. That currently applies to South Sudan, Somalia and Nigeria and Yemen is also facing similar problems.

However, there are currently 17 countries in Africa that are suffering from two consecutive years of drought which has left more than 38 million people at risk this year.

Angola, Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Madagascar are facing the greatest risks.  For more information see: https://is.gd/8QSZ0F

The ADRA network is working hard to build resilience against the effects of climate change: not just for now but for the future. ADRA’s projects in Africa are helping farmers to combat drought and escape famine.

Our Annual Appeal fund supports multiple network emergencies projects across the world and helps to save tens of thousands of people every year. A portion of what will be collected during the Annual Appeal this year has already been committed to help in South Sudan, Somalia, Kenya and Yemen.

ADRA believes that fighting climate change requires a concerted long-term effort and is advocating for this at all levels. As a preferred partner for the World Food Programme in many countries in Africa ADRA is responding as soon as it can.

Your help in raising funds for our Annual Appeal this year will help us to continue to support the network as it helps people to escape droughts and famine across the African continent.

Please join us on the doorsteps to collect funds for those who are in desperate need.