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ADRA Responds in Haiti

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Hurricane Matthew has destroyed parts of the Caribbean, leaving the island of Haiti severly affected.
Early estimates report that over 800 people have died with close to 350,000 individuals are now in need of urgent care. This number will unfortuantly steadily increase every day. In addition to this, almost 30,000 homes have been destroyed, leaving an estimated 60,000 people displaced and 16,000 in temporary shelters. 

The true extent of the devastation will take days, if not weeks to assess, however the ADRA network has already responded providing emergency kits (food, water purification and hygiene kits) with our partners GlobalMedic in Haiti to fight against the risk and outbreak of Cholera. The ADRA network is providing:

  • 7 point-of-source water purification units, capable of purifying a combine 140 liters of water per minute

  • 288,000 Aquatab water purification tablets, which can provide purification for 2.88 million liters of water

  • 1,000 family emergency kits, which includes a water purification unit that can provide clean water for a year, as well as soap, toothpaste and toothbrushes, sanitary napkins, laundry detergent, and other hygiene supplies

For Haiti, a country that is still recovering from the 2010 earthquake, with thousands of people living in tents, many had sadly passed away from cholera outbreaks. In a nation like Haiti, a natural disaster on this scale is also a humanitarian disaster. 

Please give what you can to help us to help the people of Haiti.

Donate now at adra.org.uk/projects/emergencies/.


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