ADRA’s Displacement WASH Project, Mozambique

25 Jun 2021

For me, the world is an idyllic place right now. As I stand at my desk in my home office, I am kissed by the summer breeze, tickled by the grey squirrel scurrying up the nearby tree, and, of course, the sun is shining. I am reminded of the short verse, Pippa’s Song by Robert Browning: God’s in His heaven – All’s right with the world!

But for so many, many people the world is far from ‘right’, and is in fact a very fragile space. I stand here and read that since 2017, due to insurgency in Mozambique, more than 700,000 people have been displaced in Cabo Delgado, its northernmost province. A further 64,099 people were internally displaced after an attack in Palma, which is 32 kilometres from the border with Tanzania, in March 2021.

These figures represent a third of the population that are internally displaced from their homes. This, of course, increases instability and exacerbates pre-existing high levels of chronic malnutrition. It is very likely that malnutrition may continue to soar.

Of those people who are internally displaced, the vast majority (85%) are currently housed with relatives and family members. However, with the continual rise of internally displaced persons there is an urgent need for food aid and ‘WASH’ (water, sanitation and hygiene). There is also the need for assistance with shelter, as overcrowding is a growing concern.

Recently, the number of cases of cholera and COVID-19 in Cabo Delgado has decreased, but there is a need to remain vigilant, as the area remains vulnerable to outbreaks of disease.

As I read about the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Mozambique, I have mixed emotions. I am deeply saddened for the hundreds of thousands of people who have lost their homes and livelihoods. I am particularly concerned that 43% of them are children, and I think about my own grandchildren. But I am also deeply encouraged and humbled by the work that ADRA is doing to alleviate the suffering. There are several development pathways that ADRA is engaged with in Mozambique. However, one major initiative is the Displacement WASH Project. Here we continue activities to construct latrines and drill boreholes.

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