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Our relief and development programmes have the following focus:

Disaster Relief:

Famine. Earthquakes. Cyclones. Typhoons. Volcanic mud slides. Drought. ADRA responds to the victims of natural or man-made disasters with food, water, clothing, blankets, shelter, and medical aid.

Maternal/Child Health:

ADRA workers protect children by stressing growth monitoring, oral rehydration therapy, breast-feeding, and immunisation for children. And for parents, ADRA provides education in nutrition, hygiene, child spacing, and child care. ADRA's projects concentrate on helping children reach age 5 - at which point they have a higher chance of living a full life.

Community Farming:

ADRA helps people produce better food for nutrition and for income generation. Programmes include seed banks, water reservoirs, poultry growing, fish hatcheries, greenhouses, vegetable gardens, and land terracing.

Water Resources:

Clean water means less disease. It means increased crop production and better nutrition. ADRA helps to provide clean drinking water to villages by developing wells, reservoirs, irrigation systems, sewage, and storm drainage.

Civil Society Development:

Civil Society Development gives opportunities for individuals and groups to have a voice in their daily affairs. It helps them to interact with government to achieve meaningful change in their communities. This is an important part of ending poverty and suffering.

Education and Training:

ADRA's education activities range from classes for mothers to professional training for physicians and nurses. They emphasise training people to be self-sufficient for long-term personal and community improvement.

Food Aid:

ADRA uses food aid in its mother/child health programmes, and supplemental food programmes for primary school children. For example, Food-for-Work programmes promote projects that benefit whole communities - roads, schools, and community centres. In these projects, village workers receive food for wages.

Community and Institutional Development:

Clinics, dispensaries, hospitals, primary and secondary schools, colleges, and floating medical clinics benefit from ADRA's work. ADRA builds and equips these institutions by providing supplies, equipment, books, and furnishings.

Women in Development:

This is one of the most important aspects of ADRA's work. By teaching women how to read, how to do simple accounting, and teaching them trade skills, they are empowered to drastically improve their families' lives.