2020 ADRA Virtual Gift Box Appeal launched

The 2020 ADRA Virtual Gift Box Appeal


Did you know that according to The Children’s Society there are 4.2 million children and young people who live in poverty in the UK? This figure has escalated since the start of pandemic and with the Job Retention Scheme closing at the end of October, it is likely that this figure will once again increase.


When children are in poverty, it usually means that the families in which they live are on low or no-incomes, refugees and asylum seekers, people living in insecure housing, homeless, rough sleepers or have no recourse to public funds.

This year the ADRA-UK’s Virtual Gift Box Appeal will go towards assisting children who have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic. Over the course of the pandemic, ADRA has been working with scores of urban community hubs in the United Kingdom and several of them are focusing specifically on the needs of children in this pandemic. 

Mary, a 34 year old mother of two, lost her job during the pandemic as she had to care for her two children when the schools closed due to lockdown. Her husband is a frontline worker and they have found it challenging to purchase school uniforms for the new academic year for their children. 

Deyvid goes to school each morning without breakfast. He is entitled to free school meals but his stomach grumbles through his morning lessons and he struggles to concentrate.

Sarah has a new baby, but she is finding it hard to breastfeed as she hasn’t had a proper meal for several weeks and the cost of buying baby milk is prohibitive. She is not only worried about her own health but the health of her new-born.

ADRA’s 2020 Gift Box Appeal will focus on the disadvantaged children in the UK.

Your contribution to our 2020 ADRA Gift Box Appeal will make a real difference to children right here in the UK.

Why not make a donation right now: ‘buy’ a giftbox on our dedicated website at www.adragiftbox.org.uk

Thank you so much for helping to make a difference.