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It is again that time of year when ADRA-UK is preparing for the Gift Box Appeal! For the past few years we have given these little boxes of joy to children who need them most around the world, and this year is no different!

In partnership with the ADRA Rwanda office, we will be distributing gift boxes to children living in the Kiziba refugee camp. 

Located on the hillsides of a remote region of the Western Provence of Rwanda, the Kiziba Refugee camp is home to 17,000 people. The camp was established in 1996 when a Kinyarwanda speaking ethnic group was forced from their homes in the Congo because of violence. The conflict has still not been resolved and the people have now been living in the camp for over 20 years. Most of the children in the camp have been born here. They know of nothing else except life in the camp.

Life in the camp is difficult.  Refugees are contained inside the camp and do not have much opportunity to earn money to provide even the basic necessities for their family. 

Please join us again this year as we share the blessing that we have received and help us prepare our shipment of gift boxes for the children of the Kiziba refuge camp in Rwanda.

For Gift Box returns to the Big Yellow Storage in Watford
please contact Javan on: 07508 386671 to arrange a time.

Big Yellow Storage
1 Ascot Road
WD18 8AL

Something new

This year we are trying to ensure ALL the children at the refugee camp receive a box appropriate to their age. As such, we will be asking all churches to fill a variety of boxes for each age, pre-determined by ADRA-UK.
Please see below the ages of the children at the camp:
3 to 5   990  958  1,948
6 to 11  1,294  1,158  2,452
12 to 14  794  806  1,600
   3,078  2,922  6,000
We know this will be a new system but as always, we rely on your willingness to help every child in the Kiziba refugee camp. Let's not leave any child behind!
We will allocate the specific age range boxes for your church in the coming months, but we ask you to inform your members beforehand so that the correct items are bought.

What to Pack

Please pack NEW items only. We have been in constant communication with the ADRA Rwanda office, and they have provided us with a list of items the children here will most benefit from and appreciate (please ensure all boxes are age appropriate for the box you are packing):

  • Please make sure that EVERY box contains a toy (this is what brings the smile to a child's face!)
Other suggestions to fill the box:
  • A toy!
  • Sport shoes or flip-flops
  • Socks
  • T-shirts/polo
  • Underwear
  • Draw string rucksack/school bag
  • Notebook
  • Pens
  • Crayons
  • Baseball caps
  • Towel and wash cloth
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Vaseline
  • Solar flashlight
  • Any other age appropriate items: science books

Please do NOT pack any of these:

  • NO food, sweets etc
  • NO battery operated toys
  • NO liquids please (shampoos etc.)!
  • NO jewellery

Note: this list may differ from previous years but has been prepared in cooperation with our partner ADRA Rwanda!

How it works this year

Order boxes for your church/school online from the 12th of May!

Online orders are on a first-come-first-serve basis. Ordering will be closed on the 7th of July 2017.

All boxes will be distributed by DPD for delivery the last week of August 2017

Please return gift boxes to your selected collection point by 22 October 2017 - make arrangements with the drop off point agent.

Watford Quality Control: 23 October - 15 November 2017

Container shipped to Rwanda: 16 November 2017 

Container arrives in Rwanda: January 2018

Distribution volunteering trip: 10 February - 19 February 2018. 

There are 12 drop-off points across the UK from where we will collect your packed gift boxes. These are: the NEC Office, Leicester Central, Manchester Salford (Formerly Central), Birmingham Camp Hill, Portsmouth, Bristol Central, Croydon, Balham, Hampstead, Chiswick, Stoke Newington Churches and Big Yellow storage in Watford.(Pending changes)

All boxes need to be at the drop-off points by the 22nd of October. Please make arrangements with the drop off point agent.

We will accept boxes at Big Yellow Storage in Watford ONLY by PRIOR ARRANGEMENT from Monday the 23rd of October.

Please call 030 30 40 10 17 before planning to come to arrange a delivery time.

BIG YELLOW STORAGE, 1 Ascot Road, Watford WD18 8AL

Please do not deliver boxes to the BUC as we do not have the facility to take them to the storage area.

Some answers to questions raised:

Here are some answers to your questions:

- Last year we send out 6,000 gift boxes and had just under 5,000 returned to us. People ask for more boxes then are actually used which is already a financial loss for us.
- We try to get as many churches engaged as possible which means it is not about quantity but quality. Yes, larger churches may miss out but smaller churches have an equal opportunity. With over 300 churches we can clearly not provide for every church. Perhaps encourage members that cannot fill a box this year to support the campaign by donating/helping others?
- This is the third year that we are actually using the exact same physical size of the gift boxes which helps us to fit exactly 6,000 gift boxes in a 40ft container.


We ask for a donation of £2 per gift box to help with the shipping cost. Donations are to be collected by the ADRA agents or their local representative and submitted to ADRA-UK.

What ADRA pays for.....

  • Production of the gift boxes
  • Packing and courier delivery
  • Pickup from collection centres
  • Warehousing
  • Quality control
  • Container shipment to Rwanda
  • Distribution cost in Rwanda
  • (warehousing, trucking, staff cost etc)

Each £2 contribution covers 1/3 of the actual cost to deliver a gift box in the hands of a child. Thank you for your support.

Please DO NOT attach the £2 to the gift boxes!

About Kiziba

The Kiziba Refugee camp is located in the Western Province, Karongi District, Rwankuba Sector,  Nyarusanga cell. The camp was established in December 1996 following the closure of the Umubano and Mudende Transit Center camp in Rubavu District where refugees who fled conflicts from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) were attacked, by ex-FAR and INTERAHAMWE militia based in the eastern DRC. Currently there are roughly 20,000 people in the camp.

The camp is established on a hilly space covering 280,000 m². Different partners under the overall coordination of UNHCR work together in different areas of intervention, to cater for the needs of refugees. ADRA distributes food (logistics) at the camp and is the lead partner in education.

The refugees can come and go as they please out of the camp, however the catch is that without a Rwandan ID card they cannot really do much. Additionally, the camp is located at the top of a mountain, which means that though people are "free", they are stuck, trapped by natural geographical boundaries that keep the vast majority of the camp from ever entering town. 

Please do a web search for Kiziba to find out more!

Stuck? Got a question?

Call us!

030 30 40 10 17

(office hours only of course)


- We are charged for every 25 boxes send out as we ship in packs of 25. If you ordered 75 boxes you will receive 3 packs. The costs of the shipping does not change. 
- We distribute one gift box per child and our quality control makes sure that every gift box passes our requirements. We encourage people to think creatively about filling the box. If we had larger boxes we could help less children and even less church members could get engaged. We opted for the fixed size box to offer a reasonable compromise.
- The cost of shipping a container is rising and with potential import duties, local distribution etc. it costs us now around £7.50 to deliver a gift box in the hands of a child. The £2.00 contribution is not enough to cover our costs. With the Annual Appeal income decreasing year-on-year we are under pressure to consider the effectiveness of the gift box campaign. E.g. a £50,000 fund could win us a project of £500,000 to run a project that impacts communities for years.