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Providing assistance

As an active partner in the ADRA International network ADRA-UK provides financial assistance in emergency situations. By pooling financial resources the network response can be quick and efficient. ADRA's relief work is coordinated by the Emergency Management Unit at ADRA International. When mega disasters strike ADRA-UK can activate its own response mechanisms to provide surge capacity and submit funding requests to DFID.

Your donations impact the lives of people!

Global Disaster Alert:

November 14th
From 10/11/2018 to 14/11/2018, a Tropical Storm (maximum wind speed of 111 km/h) GAJA-18 was active in NorthIndian. The cyclone affects these countries: India (vulnerability High). Estimated population affected by category 1 (120 km/h) wind speeds or high…
November 13th
From 10/11/2018 to 13/11/2018, a Tropical Depression (maximum wind speed of 83 km/h) BOUCHRA-18 was active in SEIndian. The cyclone affects these countries: [unknown] (vulnerability [unknown]). Estimated population affected by category 1 (120 km/h) wind s…

Where we helped:

2018 Disaster Response:

Zambia, Uganda, Kenya, Guatamala

2017 Disaster Response:

South Sudan, Somalia, Kenya (famine relief), Bangladesh, Caribbean

2016 Disaster Response:

Fiji (Cyclone), Swaziland (drought), Zimbabwe (drought), Ecuador (earthquake), Somalia (drought), Greece (refugees), South Sudan (refugees), Myanmar (floods), Uganda (refugees)