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Support our work by giving to Emergencies 

Emergencies happen when you least expect them. 
When they happen, those who are affected, can lose everything overnight; their loved ones, their homes and their livelihoods. 

Often emergencies hit those who are the most vulnerable - those who are living in extreme poverty. As an active partner in the ADRA International network ADRA-UK provides financial assistance in emergency situations.

When disasters occur, ADRA-UK works to address the individual's immediate need, and then helps larger communities to re-build and rehabilitate their future.

Help ADRA UK support those who have lost everything 

Global Disaster Alert
June 27th
On 6/27/2016 8:50:33 PM, an earthquake occurred in Mexico potentially affecting 905351 people within 100km. The earthquake had Magnitude 5.7M, Depth:10km.
June 27th
From 27/06/2016 to 27/06/2016, a Tropical Storm (maximum wind speed of 93 km/h) TWO-16 was active in NorthIndian. The cyclone affects these countries: [unknown] (vulnerability [unknown]). Estimated population affected by category 1 (120 km/h) wind speeds …

2015 Disaster Response:

Sri Lanka (flooding), Nigeria (refugees), Vanuatu (Cyclone Pam response, Chile (Flash floods), Nepal (earthquake response), DRC / Burundi (refugees), Myanmar (floods), Migrant crisis Europe (Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia), Lebanon (refugee support)

2014 Disaster Response:

Philippines (Typhoon Haiyan), South Sudan, Cameroon, Zimbabwe, Chile, Uganda, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Iraq/Kurdistan

2013 Disaster Response:

Malian refugees in Mali and Burkina Faso (distribution of Aquaboxes), Syrian refugee crisis (Lebanon), Myanmar (inter-communal clashes response), Philippines (flooding), Uganda (refugees), Myanmar (flooding), Philippines (earthquake), India (Cyclone Phailin), Philippines (Typhoon Haiyan)